Why you should care

Vehicles and visitors all pose a biosecurity risk
These changes will affect everyone in rural regions.

They remove the community’s current ability to object to function venues, multiple campers and caravans and up to 900 visitors per day visiting farms and on rural zoned land. 

Each rural property could be surrounded by 5-15 venues allowed to lawfully operate every weekend of the year. 

If you live on rural land, if you have livestock on rural land, if you have an Airbnb on rural land, if you run a farm business, if you run a temporary function centre already operating, if you live in a rural part of NSW, this AFFECTS YOU! 

Unlimited Function Venues unregulated and able to operate lawfully unopposed is madness. They are currently prohibited for good and sensible reasons.

Changes like this could change the landscape forever:

There is no way for council or the state government to control how many of these venues appear.

Locals will have no avenues to object to these activities and events

Policing these venues will be nearly impossible

Our communities continues to speak up against function centres and excessive farm stay and tourist accommodation on rural lands for good reason, the preservation of agriculture and rural life for themselves, their local economies and for future generations.